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13.1. What’s on your re:Invent 2021 wish list?

Published 2021-11-27 - Listen on your favourite podcast player

In this special episode, Eoin and Luciano talk about their wishlist for AWS re:invent 2021. Based on our experience and personal AWS pain points, we share some of our wishes for new announcements during the biggest cloud event of the year. We also discuss some of the biggest announcements of last year and a few tips on how to get ready to follow the announcements of the next few days.

⚠ CORRECTION on Data Transfer cost: The changes in data transfer were not reported accurately in this episode. The monthly data transfer free tier limit has changed from 1 GB/month per region to 100GB/month for all regions. Data transfer out of CloudFront is now free for 1TB/month, up from 50GB/month. See the official announcements linked below.

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

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