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Episode #16

What are the pros and cons of CDK?

AWS Bites Podcast - Published 2021-12-23

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In this episode, Eoin and Luciano explore the various pros and cons of AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK).

We start by describing what CDK is and what it is used for. Then we spend a bit of time covering the details of how CDK actually works defining L1, L2 and L3 constructs and the integration with CloudFormation.

In the central part of the episode we deep dive into a bunch of pros and cons of CDK, mostly trying to describe the tradeoffs and the pitfalls.

Finally, we close the episode by giving a piece of advice on what we believe is the best way to get started with CDK to minimize the surprises and be able to reap all the benefits of this amazing tools.

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

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