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Episode #39

How do you build a cross-account event backbone with EventBridge?

AWS Bites Podcast - Published 2022-06-03

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When it comes to building and deploying microservice applications on AWS, there are 2 emerging best practices: use a separate AWS account per application (and environment) and decouple communication between separate systems using events (instead of point-to-point communication). Can we use these two best practices together? Yes, but we will need to find a way to pass messages between AWS accounts! In this episode we discuss how to do that using EventBridge as a cross-account event backbone! We discuss why these 2 suggestions are well established best practices, what are the pros and cons that they bring to the table, what an event backbone is and why EventBridge is a great service to implement one. Finally, we will discuss a case study and an example implementation of this pattern in the context of an e-commerce application built with a microservices architecture.

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

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