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Episode #41

How can Middy make writing Lambda functions easier?

AWS Bites Podcast - Published 2022-06-17

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Lambda functions are small units of code that achieve a specific purpose. It’s always a good idea to keep your code short, clean and simple. And yet, sometimes you find yourself writing lots of boilerplate code in every function to do common things, like parsing events, validation, loading parameters and lots more. The Middy.js framework was designed to help you keep Node.js Lambda function code simple, letting you focus on the business logic and clearing away duplication and boilerplate. By the end of this episode, you will know: How Middy.js works with JavaScript and TypeScript, how to perform validation, event parsing and parameter loading, and how you can even write and use your own Middy middleware. Finally you’ll get to know who is using Middy and how you could contribute to the Middy ecosystem.

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

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